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Use Extra Large Wall Clocks as feature

Extra Large Wall Clocks

If you have a very large space to fill on a wall you can either fill it with a very large painting or a another great alternative is to place an extra large wall clock. These giant timepieces will transform any empty space into a real feature that will get people’s attention.

View the range of extra large wall clocks

There is a wide range of extra large wall clocks including traditional, modern, kitchen, retro and antique styles, all of these will add to your homes décor and the range can suit modern and old homes. Bigger is better when choosing a decorative wall piece and extra large wall clocks will not disappoint.


Most of these amazing timepieces are made of wood, metal, chrome or a combination of materials, the choose of colours ranges from black, white, red and virtually every colour of the spectrum you can think of. Many of the UK’s manufacturers make a wide range to choose from and brands such as London Clock Co and Lascelles have some great designs.

An example of an extra large wall clock is this traditional looking piece which has a 60cm diameter and is made from chrome. It will literally change any wall and fill any spaces you want covered, as well as giving you a functional time piece. These types of clocks are great for hallways, living rooms or anywhere with large amounts of space. If you are looking for an extra large wall clock for your business then they look great in receptions and boardrooms.


There are also a range of giant clocks available, some with diameters of up to 100cm plus, and example is this massive 1 metre classic wall clock with a beautiful dial and a cream finish metal case. Its made by the London Clock Company and will catch everyone’s eye once you hand it on the wall.

In summary extra large wall clocks will transfer any room and any wall, they are bold and stunning. The wide range available will help you find the right choice for modern and old homes.

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