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Outdoor Wall Clocks

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Outdoor Wall Clocks

Outdoor clocks

If you have a garden or an office outside of your main home, or you want to put a clock on the outside of your home or office one of the best options is to choose from a range of weather proof clocks

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These clocks are specially designed to withstand rain and weather from all the four seasons whilst allowing you to tell the time. Virtually all the outdoor clocks available on the market have great decorative features which really bring out the best for your garden or home. The main materials that manufacturers use to withstand the changes in heat and changing weather patterns is metal, this material is both hardwearing and robust enough to provide the protection for the outdoor clock to work perfectly throughout the year.


Most outdoor clock are either placed on a wall, or an outside office, or on the side of the house, they virtually all come with a mounting bracket and screws and all you need to do is fix and screw it in the right location. When it mounted and ready to go it will act as a great decoration for the outside whilst giving you the ideal time during the day.

Most outside clocks are battery powered, whereas some of the very large outside clocks are mains powered so you will need to find a power source. The battery powered ones run off battery’s and the timing mechanism is quartz so the time accuracy is great.

Virtually all outside clocks are large, this is because it makes them easier to read from across the garden, the common displays for the numbers are normally roman numerals, as these provide a great traditional look and some have the normal numbers on the dials so you can easily read the time, in some instances people look for a specific outside station clock, as these are really easy to read the correct time.

The main categories for outdoor clocks include,

  • Large Outdoor clocks
  • Garden clocks
  • Outdoor clock thermometers
  • Outdoor wall clocks
  • Outside clocks

There are many different styles to choose from and they will offer a real focal point for your outside garden or add some real character to your home. The most popular styles include traditional, vintage and metal, or station clocks. Some of these timepieces have some great finishes including rusty and old looking services which looks completely weathered. An outside clock not only adds a great feature but it can even enhance the value and character of your home. To view the range of outdoor clocks.